5 Easy Steps To Write Your Book

5 Easy Steps To Write Your Book

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Imagine writing, formatting and publishing your first book for $303.50. Well, that’s what I did. We all have a story to tell, and we need to get it out. I believe everyone has a book in them. Diving into uncharted waters of becoming an author was uncomfortable. I’ve seen people pay thousands for the whole writing a publishing process. But when you only have enough money to eat you have to improvise. Here are the five things you need know when writing your first book.

1. Write First and foremost you need to start writing. You can start on a Word Document. The most popular question I get, what should I write about? We all have unique traits that we utilize on a daily basis. If you are an expert in some field that could be a book too. We all had obstacles that we endure in our past that could be a book . For example, My book was about my 25 jobs I’ve had in 20 years searching for my dream job. Remember, It doesn’t have to be perfect.

2. Proofreading Once you’re done writing you need to send it to a proofreader. Where do I find one? Go to Elance.com. It’s an excellent website that carries freelancers from all over the world. From writers, graphic designers to website developers. After searching for a qualified candidate, I finally hired one for $98.00. The beautiful thing is that Elance holds your money in escrow until the project gets done and your satisfied.

3. Formatting  After I read my book numerous times I finally decided to format. This time around I went to upwork.com, which is similar to Elance. You have to do your diligence and make sure you check their reviews and previous jobs they’ve completed. After shopping around, I found a freelancer from Indonesia. I hired him to format my E-Book for Kindle. I paid $100.00, he then offered to format my book to paperback for another $100.00 which I agreed.

4. Book Cover By this time I had my book cover done. For my cover, I went to Fiverr.com where I paid $5.50. On this website, you can get videos, logos, FB covers and even ghostwriting. Make sure you hire someone with plenty of gigs under their belt. Same process as the other websites.

5. Publish Your almost there. Now you have to down loaded your book to Amazon. For your paperback, you need to go to createspace.com and download your formatted book and book cover. For your E-Book it goes to kdp.amazon.com there you download your formatted Kindle. It usually takes 24-48 hours for it show up on Amazon and you are done.

Yes, it’s that simple. Writing and publishing your book is the easy part. Selling your books is the tricky part. That would be another article in itself. My total expense to publish my book on Amazon was $303.50. Just so you know it was very time-consuming. You need lots of patients. When you’re dealing with freelancers from overseas their time zones are obviously different. There were plenty of times I work nights to reach my goals. If I guy who dropped out of high school and was repeatedly teased for speaking Spanglish can do it, YOU can do it. Don’t let anyone tell you different.
Anything is possible if you believe.  By the way, Spanglish is speaking English mixed with Spanish words. Have a wonder day!!!

Joe Rodriguez

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