5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Be A Writer To Write A Book

5 Reasons You Don’t Have To Be A Writer To Write A Book

A gigantic roadblock stopping people from writing their book is thinking they need to be a “Writer.”

This is so far from the truth that it makes the “Boogieman” seem reasonable in comparison.

Maybe it was an idea spread by the BIG PUBLISHING houses in order to stop the flood of ideas. After all, they could only suppress them  for so long. Now that people are rising up to fulfill their potential (in the form of a book), they’re no longer waiting for approval by the big publishing houses.

However, there are other roadblocks that exist to stifle us in our pursuit of a book.

The one we’ll talk about today has to do with our tendency toward self-doubt. In this case it’s an imaginary reason WHY we CAN’T write a book, instead of how we can.

It’s the false thought that we must be a “Writer” in order to write a book. Nu-uh…it’s simply not true.

Here are 5 reasons why you don’t need to be a “writer” in order to write your book.

1. Academic Writing Is Boring

People are tired of jargon and wordy pieces of text. They want information delivered in an entertaining or down to earth way (or both). In other words, it’s much better to write how you talk.

Think of how you would try and convince someone that your hobby or passion is freakin’ awesome. That’s the mindset you should have when writing your book. Convince the reader in the exact same way, and do it as YOU, not an overqualified pencil pusher with a doctorate in English.

2. Thinking You Have To Sound Like A Professor Blocks Creativity

It’s like thinking you must interpret your thoughts through the mind of a “writer.” Basically, you’d be asking “How would a writer describe my story/experience?” rather than just writing it how you’d explain it.

This point is a good addition to the 1st point. If you try to write how you think a book should be written, it’ll fall flat like three week-old soda left out on the countertop.

It’s best to let the ideas flow through your “voice” rather than filtering them through how you THINK a book should be written.

3. That’s Why EDITORS Exist

So what if you don’t know grammar and punctuation rules? That’s why Bob the editor has a job. Thankfully…

When I wrote my book, I realized how badly my understanding was of sentence structure, punctuation and all those English laws. It was holding me back big time. Finally, I said “I’ll let the editor worry about it.” And by goodness he did.

You write it. The editor makes it “pretty.”

4. Because You Don’t Need To Be A Writer To Tell Stories

Everyone loves stories and everyone has stories to tell. You get to tell your unique stories in order to teach your readers.

It doesn’t take a writer’s mindset to think of stories and tell them. It is your experiences and knowledge that will make up YOUR book’s core, and only you can describe your stories from your perspective. Nobody else is needed.

5. Authenticity

Pretty straightforward. If you veer too far off into the realm of “writer,” you’ll lose your written voice. Is that what you want? I doubt it.

One of the things that kept me up at night during the book writing process was whether or not the editor was going to make it his book instead of mine! These were outlandish thoughts.

Just be yourself and write that way, too.

What Now?

You can write your book. I promise you that.

Matt and I aren’t writers. We certainly don’t have any Pulitzer prizes to our name, but we wrote our books despite all of our own self-doubt.

This is why we 100% believe that you can write your book, just as we did. In fact, we can make that ride easier for you than it was for us.

If you have a book you’ve been dying to write, get in touch. There’s no better time than now.


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