5 Things To Avoid That Causes Stress

5 Things To Avoid That Causes Stress

                                                     HAPPY THURSDAY!!

“Tough Times Don’t Last Tough People Do”

Stress hits us at work, home and on the freeways. We do things during our daily life’s that spark the beginnings of stress.  Stress is becoming a health epidemic in America. Stress is the leading cause of health-related issues in the workplace.  We need to fight it head on and take control of our emotions. Here are five things we do on a daily basis that create stressful situations.

  1. Overthinking: Our minds are the command center of our bodies. We tend to overthink situations and assume too much.  Let’s stop trying to figure out what the other person is thinking. You don’t have special powers so stop thinking you do. You are only hurting yourself and in the process accumulating stress. Your focus should be directed at you and your family only.



  1. Clutter: When the mind see’s disorganization it begins to send signals to the body to panic. For example, imagine yourself walking into your office and discovering 50 files on your desk that need work. “PANIC” Try to have your workstations clean even if it’s at home. Being clean and organize prevents stress. How clean and organize are you?



  1. Perfectionism: Anything less than perfection is a failure” If you need any help Your weak. That’s entirely false. Trying to be too perfect causes stress.  Not only does it cause you headaches but your projects don’t get completed on time. If you feel sick at work call in sick, it’s ok. By the way, it’s ok to take lunch. Stop trying to work during your lunch hour. Take all your breaks and relax as much as possible.  No one will think you’re mediocre because of it. The more time you take on projects, the more your mind thinks. Think long think wrong. Less thinking less stress, it’s that simple.



  1. Job: If your current job is causing you stress, get another one. Take it from a guy who’s had 25 jobs in 20 years searching for less stress, believe me, I know. My advice is to find your passion. What do you love to do? The answer to this question should be your dream job! You need to love what you’re doing. Getting a job just because it pays $20.00 an hour is a crucial mistake. Waking up thinking negative about your job is the first sign to get another one. Relying on your alarm clock to wake you up is the second sign to get another job.



  1. Anger: Holding to anger is like grasping a hot coal and throwing it at someone else you are the one that gets burnt.” Buddha,   I used to get upset for 15 minutes and then cool off. All I was doing was causing my blood pressure to go up and stressing my body. What a waste of energy. How many times do you get upset in one day? Take a closer look at what you are getting upset about, you will be surprised.


Waking up happy and having a positive mindset is the first step to a stress-free day. How many times do you smile in one day? Small changes like smiling make a huge difference in your day. Don’t wait to feel overwhelm. Beat stress to the punch before it creeps up on you. How stress are you?

Life is too short to stress yourself with uncontrollable situations.”


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