5 Ways To Improve Customer Service

5 Ways To Improve Customer Service


Having great customer service for your business is crucial. It could make you or break you. It all depends on how you train your employees. Imagine receiving horrible service while having dinner at your favorite restaurant, would you go back? Probably not. It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer. One loyal customer can spread the word and help you bring more business by word of mouth. Here are 5 ways to improve customer service.

1. Facial Expressions – Having a smile while working goes a long way. Customers can detect unhappy employees from 5 miles away. If you have employees that are not demonstrating positive facial expression 2 days in a row they’re in the wrong business. Make smiling a habit not a chore.

2. Less Stress equals to better service. Stress is becoming a health epidemic in the US. It’s costing employers billions in worker’s comp, sick days and accidents. As you can see on this infographic http://www.netquote.com/business-insurance/stop-stressing-work it shows in great detail how stress plays a huge part in the workplace. Happier employee = Better service = More business

3. Health – Employers paying for employee gym memberships are becoming great investments. It demonstrates that you care about your employees. If you have extra money in your budget invest the $20.00 average monthly cost, you won’t be a disappointment. You can make it fun and offer incentives for employees that lose a certain amount of weight. It’s a win-win.

Benefits of going to the gym.
1. Feeling Better = Moral goes up = Better Customer Service
2. More energy = More productive = Better Customer Service
3. Less Stress = Less Anxiety + Happier Employee = Better Customer Service
4. Healthier Employee = Less Sick days = fewer workers comp suits = Better Customer Service

4. Voice – Talking to customers on the phone is underrated. Employees sometimes don’t realize how important it is to help a potential customer on the phone. Every call received should be a sale. Some real estate and property management companies record all sales calls, this way they can review them afterwards. Having a positive voice answer your questions increases the chances of a purchase by 15% How are your employees answering the phone?

5. Go the extra mile – to know your customer on a personal level. Sometimes you have to give in order to receive. It’s getting more difficult to keep existing customers You have to be twice as good as your competitor. So start doing things differently. Here are ways to
Improve your relationship with your customer.

1. A FREE small gift goes a long way.
2. Email marketing helps – For example a B-day card, company charities, events and deals.
3. A follow-up call after your purchase or even when inquiring about your service is HUGE!
4. Add the CHAT service to your website and start communicating with your customers. Have them fill out a survey and find out how to improve your service even more.
5. Start listening to your customer needs and don’t take complaints personally. Yes, the customer is always right.

Helping others become better in some way shape or form has wonderful rewards. To give great service, you have to have a positive mindset. It just doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a skill you have to work on just like everything else in this world. You want to be the best at your profession or business then start doing things that other’s aren’t willing to do. Surround yourself with a team that is willing to help you spiritually, mentally, and physically. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with so pick your team wisely. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Joe Rodriguez Speaker – Trainer – Coach

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