Do you have passion?

Do you have passion?

Are you still chasing that dream?  We all have dreams in life and for some that’s all they are dreams for other’s there missions in life. My dream is to leave the 9-5  work environment and become my own boss full time. It’s not easy to follow your dreams and stay motivated at the same time. If it was easy everyone would do it. Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hrs a week to avoid 40 hrs a week when there finish with there projects. Staying motivated consistently is the key. Sometime’s we get tired of not seeing results fast enough. Then we start a new project and  if we don’t see any progress in 3-6 months we quit or start something new. That was me years ago. New job, new website, new business, new business cards, you name it I did it.  Albert Einstein said
” Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

I figured out that the most important key element to success is passion. If you don’t love what your doing and your only doing it for the money it’s not going to work. That’s exactly what I was doing, I was looking for jobs that paid well and did not care about the industry I was getting myself into. This is why I stopped losing interest in my past projects i wasn’t passionate about anything.  My passion is helping people think more positive and eventually making a positive difference in there life’s. My passion was not starting a house cleaning business, hot dog cart business or  working as a security guard. This may be someone else’s passion but not mine. Once you find your passion it won’t feel like work anymore it will feel like a hobby. This is why you become successful because you keep going it’s not boring anymore. You keep moving forward and eventually you hit the jack pot!!. Don’t give up!!, you are closer than you think. To schedule a free 30 minute coaching chat session click here

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