It’s time to get unstuck and keep moving forward. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve. But for whatever reason we stop pursuing and we get stuck. I used to procrastinate all the time. I would start a project and then after a couple of months I would start another one.


I was doing ten different things at the same time. After successfully failing at numerous business ventures I finally found what I was doing wrong. There was no focus. It was like sailing on the Pacific Ocean with no captain. My ship was sailing everywhere but the destination.


Do one thing at a time. If you’re writing a book, FINISH IT. If you’re going to school for a degree, FINISH IT!! Focus on the mission at hand. Where attention goes energy goes. Imagine having all the energy and focus going to one thing. WATCH OUT!! great things can happen.


The mind has the power to accomplish anything it wants. Program your focus and energy towards your goal. For example, It took me two months to write, edit, published my book on Amazon. I also won 2 international speaking contest after three months of training. I did not know how to speak correctly but putting all the energy and focus made it happen. I don’t say this to brag I say it to show you anything is possible when you train your mind to FOCUS.

If I can do it you can do it. Don’t give up now, the finish line is around the corner.


If you’re working on a project right now FOCUS on it and you will achieve.

If you need any advice email me, I’m here to help.


Take care and have a wonderful day!!!!!

Joe Rodriguez

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