From homeless to my own home.

From homeless to my own home.

2012 was a tough year for my family and myself. I lost my job and home within two weeks of each other. Had enough money to rent a hotel for one month. I will never forget the name of the hotel Vagabond. We were lucky. Breakfast came with the room. One thing I still remember was my daughter asking me if we could eat eggs for breakfast. You could only eat so many bagels.


Having $30.00 in my pocket with two days to go was tough. It’s easy to be positive when things are good, but to be positive when times are tough, that’s the real test. On the last day, I had no choice but to ask some good friends if we could stay with them. Thank God they said yes. They only had room for us on their living room floor and sofa. They were so kind to buy us an inflatable bed. I will never forget what they did for us.




Time’s like this is where your mind starts playing tricks on you. You need to get up, dust yourself and FIGHT!!! Situations like this only make you stronger. I was not going to be defeated. One of the big things I did was to visualize my new home. I would try to make every moment with my family positive.


I continued to apply for jobs. Finally, I was called for two job interviews on the same day.  Luckily I awarded an operations manager position for a commercial cleaning company. After a couple of months later I rented an apartment in Irvine CA where my kids still went to school.


My situation could have been much worse if I gave up. Thinking positive and not losing faith is what got me out of this mess. Thank God, We all go through some negative type of situation one time or another. Having a positive outlook during difficult situations is the key factor. My advice to you don’t give up so quick; it’s only a little storm that will pass you eventually. ┬áHave patience and keep the faith.

Joe Rodriguez

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