My Best Friend

My Best Friend


Growing up, I considered everyone that surrounded me to be my best friend. During the years, my list of friends diminished greatly. People I’ve known for 20 years were being erased from life every year. Twenty-three years ago I met the women of my dreams, who later became my wife. She not only became my best friend but my soul mate.

My mom always gave me great advice. She told me your true friends will be there in the good times and bad times. Unfortunately, there were quite a few bad times in my life. This is how my list of best friends went down to one.


My daughter at age two had a brain tumor that was causing her mobility. She had difficulties walking two steps before the pain kicked in. My daughter underwent brain surgery. We had a lengthy stay at Childrens hospital. During this time, my list of friends went down some more, when some of them didn’t even have the decency to call me or visit. Life is full of lessons, and we have to take them one at a time. My wife never left my side.

Years ago I was arrested for selling drugs to an undercover police officer.  These were very difficult times for me and my family, as you can imagine. During my one year trial, my list of best friends was shortened some more when my calls asking for help were being unanswered. Times like this is where you know who’s in your corner. I was always searching for support elsewhere. My wife never left my side.

One of my true best friends Ryan was always there for me. I considered him to be my best friend. He was so special to my family I picked him to be my son’s godfather. Not only was he there during my bad times but the good times as well. I could count on him for everything. This is one of my favorite quotes. “Making a million friends is not a miracle. The miracle is to make a friend that will stand by you when millions are against you” and that was Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan died of a drug overdose at a very young age. During this tough time, my wife never left my side.


During this time, I was distracted trying to force friendships with people that did not have the best intentions for me. We all have people that surround us on a daily basis. Who are not our friends but acquaintances.  All along my true friend was sitting right beside me. Before we start searching for support outside our circle let’s focus on what’s at home first. My wife has never left my side, and that to me is priceless!

2015 is my year. Not only do I have my wife as my best friend but now I’m attracting good positive people into my life. By the way, my daughter is 17 years old now and just graduated High School. Although she still has two valves embedded in her head, but that doesn’t stop her from running and living a normal life.

Do you have a best friend? Look around, your best friend may be sitting right next to you.

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  1. Jose – I’ve known you since grade school. It’s been heartwarming to see such an awesome transformation. Thank you for putting out positive energy on a daily basis. Your posts are appreciated and acknowledged. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

  2. Thank you Yossa for those kind words. I really appreciated. If I can help one person improve in any way I’ve done my job. God bless.

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