No Fear

No Fear

Do you have fear? Fear is the leading cause of failure. We all have fears, it’s normal. What you do when feeling this fear is what’s going to take you to the next lever.  I recently experience fear in a big way, the fear of public speaking. Do you know that public speaking is the #1 fear in America?

Five months ago I joined  For people that don’t know what toastmasters is, it’s a worldwide organization that helps people with public speaking, leadership skills and communications skills.  Joining Toastmasters was one of the best move’s I ever made in my life. One month after joining they ask me if I wanted to enter the international speaking contest. When they asked me this question fear showed up. I had only been in TM for one month. Realistically I wasn’t ready to compete. But I said YES even though I wasn’t ready. The day they ask me to enter the contest I was schedule to give a club speech. While I was doing my speech my right leg started shaking uncontrollably. Imagine this happening to you every time you gave a speech, it even happen one week before the international contest. This is how fear tries to stop us from moving forward. But because I said YES that day and did not care about my right leg shaking, I went on to win 2  international speaking contest and got 2nd place in the Division Area contest where I competed against one of the best in the business. By the way my leg did not shake during the contest. Fear will try anything to side track you from your  goals. If I could conquer  fear you can conquer fear.

This is my definition of fear. Fear is a mirage and illusion in our minds, it does not exist. Fear is only there to keep us from our dreams. Every time we try to do something positive  fear show’s up right? The more we let fear into our minds the stronger fear get’s. Don’t give up on your dreams. Remember age is just a number. Col. Sanders from KFC  started at the age of 65. If he could do it we can do it.

“if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”


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Joe Rodriguez

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