Surround Yourself With Positive People

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Positive people can make your day feel awesome. We live in a world surrounded by energy. Sometimes it’s positive energy and sometimes it’s negative. What people don’t understand is that energy is contagious. You know that feeling when you walk inside a room and you feel that bad vibe? You can be the happiest person in the room but if your surrounded by negative people you have no chance.


Unfortunately, we have relatives, friends and co-workers that are not happy campers. We tend to overlook negative people in our lives, because were so busy getting distracted with nonsense. We don’t realize the affect it has on our attitudes and choices we make on a daily basis.

The negative test:

Try telling your surrounding circle your dreams, goals and ideas. See how they react. If they try to convince you and tell you it’s not a good idea that’s hint #1. If you start hearing stories on how other people have tried it and failed hint #2. If they ask you how much your getting paid even if your just starting out hint #3.

We pick and choose who we want to be associated with. You have to learn to weed out the nay Sayers on the road to success. This is why it’s difficult to be successful these days, we tend to take advice from people that did not have enough  guts to follow their dreams. ” Misery loves company”

My advice is to follow your dreams and don’t stop for anyone. Start looking for positive people in your life. Keep going and never quit. The secret is to always push forward not matter what the obstacle is in front of you. We are on this planet for a reason and have no time to waste on negative people. You are stronger than you think. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Follow your heart it has a funny way of showing you where to go. YOU GOT THIS!!!!


Joe Rodriguez

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