Untreated Employee Stress Is Bad for Business

Untreated Employee Stress Is Bad for Business

Working while stressed out is not good for business or for ourselves. It’s a lose-lose situation no one wins, unfortunately. I’m very familiar with stress in the workplace. Having landed in the ER twice for stress-related symptoms. I worked in 25 different jobs in 20 years which forced me to become an expert on this topic.
According to an annual Harris Interactive Attitudes in the American Workplace survey, 83% of Americans reported they are at least a little stressed at work, and nearly half said they need help in learning how to manage stress.

There are some employees that can tolerate stress more than others. The one’s that can’t handle stress and are quite simultaneously are the ones we need to help. You need to stay proactive and hit stress before it hits you. Just because you feel good one day doesn’t mean you stop fighting. Here are 7 things employees can do to manage stress a little better.

1. Food- Keep track of what you’re eating. Sometimes caffeine, sugars and bad fats trigger stress. I love food, but because of stress l had to lose 65 pounds to feel better. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable for a while to feel better later. Having an unhealthy lifestyle will increase your chances of getting stress in the workplace.

2. Control – Don’t let your feelings control you. Feeling good is a habit you can start creating for yourself. Start making positive changes in your life. Mornings are great ways to start fighting stress. Wake up earlier and go running or take a walk. Don’t wait for stress to knock on your door. Take action and develop a morning ritual where stress has no chance of developing.

3. Anger – Don’t take things personally. If your boss is asking you to do more work it’s because he has a boss that is asking him for it. There’s a saying in Mexico “ He who gets mad loses”. That goes for everything in life. Once you get upset your done you lose. Why get upset at the little things if we’re going to be happy 10 minutes later. What a waste of energy don’t you think?

4. Office Politics – Don’t get caught up in the office politics. Sometimes people focus too much on what other employees are doing, which spark the beginnings of stress. Don’t talk negative about another employee, 99% chance they will find out. Try and keep things professional at work. Going to happy hour with employees after work result in stress days later, a he said she said or saying things under the influence that was not appropriate. Focus on you and your work and that alone will reduce stress 10%.

5. Social Media – Be careful of what you post on Facebook, twitter etc.. Remember your supervisor has access to the internet. You represent your company so act professionally. Social media content related to work can get misunderstood, cause headaches and eventually transform into stress. If you’re posting work-related content make it positive and motivating. This way you can look at it every day and be grateful, happy you have a job and be thankful you work for a great company. This will help reduce stress.

6. Breathing Exercises – Were so busy working and living our lives we forget how to breathe. Stop for a minute and focus on your breathing. Take your 15-minute break during work and start breathing slowly. Take deep breaths, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Focus on each breath instead of work related issues. During your lunch hour instead of going out to eat bring your own lunch and take time for yourself. Most the time during lunch we keep talking about work related issues, which doesn’t help.

7. Laughter- laughing reduces stress levels. What are you watching or reading at home? Is it scary or funny? Time to take inventory of what you’re absorbing in your life. It’s time to be happy and less stress. Start doing things that make you laugh before you go to work. Hit stress before it hits you. Life is too short to be sad and unhappy. You are stronger than you think. Time to take action and enjoy life.

We all go through stress it’s a part of life. It’s how you react to it that make’s all the difference in the world. You have to be proactive and ready on a daily basis. This way when stress hits it’s not that bad. The more ready you are the less it will affect you. There is no magic pill that eliminates stress. I had to find out the hard way. But there are ways of feeling better. Keep your head up and keep moving forward.YOU GOT THIS!!!!

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