Work Smarter Not Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

Do you outsource?  Are you aware  there’s a McDonald’s in CA  outsource’s the voice you hear when you pull up to the drive up menu?  When you order fast food through the drive thru and you hear the voice asking you “can I take your order” don’t be surprise if that person is located in India. I use to think that I could do anything and everything, but I was wrong. I had to learn the hard way. For example I thought I could learn HTML and build a websites.  Was I ever wrong. It was taking me months  to learn the codes and the process. I’m sorry but time is becoming for valuable these days. I don’t have a couple of weeks or months trying to learn code, do you?. I’m not saying to stop learning. If your passion is websites then go for it keep learning or if your passion is writing don’t stop! But if you passion is getting things done on a budget and timely manner by all means outsource. What I’m saying is work smarter not harder. After years of trial and error I figured out that outsourcing is a huge advantage. While your sleeping you have people working for you on the other side of the world. It’s a beautiful thing. I will give you  3 examples of services to outsource.

1. My current website  I paid under $75.00 for it check it out. Don’t get me wrong you still have to put in some work for example adding pictures, content, logos, videos etc. but I saved 2-3 weeks in time trying to figure out how to do this. It only took 24 hrs to get it up and running WOW!. Message me if you have any questions. You can go to my website and click on the (leave a message) on the bottom of the page you have any questions.

2.  Do you need a banner for Facebook, you tube or your website? How about someone to create a fan page for your Facebook or you tube? There’s places out there that can get them done for under $10.00 you’d be surprise.

3. Need a commercial video for your website? How about a video testimonial for your business?  Maybe you need someone to write a article or sales pitch for you. Well there’s  places where  you can get it done for under $5.00. Before you start a project make sure you have done your research.

Have a wonderful day and god bless

Joe Rodriguez

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